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eMail Marketing tip - quick way to upload images and product detail

If you are using NOW Technology Systems "eWebstores" eCommerce, with integrated MarketingEmailSystem, you need to check out our new eMail marketing feature.

Using the new integrated system all you do is enter the product code or item ID and the system automatically captures the item image, including price and product description. It immediately converts it to a single image with active links to your online website for ordering and payment

Forget PhotoShop or other image editing software, it is all done for you.

You will love it!

The following is a demo showing a product being captured from the our eCommerce website catalogue :

Here's how it is done within the eWebStores email marketing system:

  2. Click the "ADD FEATURE" icon

  3. Enter the product ID or Item ID, and click "Save"
    Add Item
  4. The Item is captured as a whole image (includes Price, SALE tag) and automatically creates an active link to the item detail and order page in your website.

  5. It only takes a few seconds and you do not need to use Photoshop, Fireworks or any other image editor.

    The following shows the image as seen in the email newsletter.

For more information on newsletter and web promotion software click here

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