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Website Systems

Mobile Responsive Websites for PCs, Smart Phones, and Portable Devices as STANDARD, at no extra cost.

Every month more and more viewers are using their mobile devices and smart phones to open websites. In fact our own clients are reporting close to 40% of enquires are originating from portable devices.

Responsive design of your website increases customer satisfaction and improves your online conversion rate – YOUR WEBSITE WILL APPEAR CORRECTLY FORMATTED on any device, including iPads and Android tablets, and smart phones.

Google statistics show 61% of mobile phone users will leave a website that is not mobile friendly.

eCommerce Website features

  • Easy to use Content Management System
  • Unlimited Products
  • Multiple product images, drag and drop
  • Responsive design - user friendly on all platforms, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • One page checkout
  • Continuous page scrolling
  • Magnifying glass to show fine detail
  • Gift Cards / Loyality program
  • Optional multiple item ordering, i.e. 2 x size twelve yellow, 1 size 16 black, 3 x size 10 red
  • Display products option across page or list format
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Shipping calculator with multiple shipping options
  • Multiple price levels
  • Online Inventory
  • Global Discount option for massive sales
  • High level one-on-one quick technical support
  • Customer Management System database, and website sign up
  • Integrated newsletter, auto-responders, blog and social marketing
  • Back end reports for sales, cart abandonment, shipping status
  • Customisation to meet your individual or corporate business needs.
  • Optional SEO setup, with monthly or quarterly reports, updates and fine tuning


Professional and Commercial Websites

Professional, Commercial, and Trades websites are generally much simpler websites when compared to eCommerce websites.

NOW Technology Systems can design a professional website to include a number of options, including

  • Active quotation forms
  • Galleries
  • Customer Management System
  • Email systems
  • Newsletters systems
  • Auto-responders
  • Testimonial systems
  • Contact database
  • Survey systems.

If you have special needs for your website please contact us, we may be able to provide an automated solution for you.


Booking and Reservation Systems

We can provide a automated booking and or reservation systems customised for your business needs.

Examples of Booking System Features for Trainers:

  • List Classes by Course name
  • Multiple Venues
  • Combine booking for multiple classes if required, (i.e. Shared Booking - Level 1, then Level 2, then Level 3)
  • Duplicates registrations for recurrent classes
  • When registering for class, if class full, client can select second option date
  • Create multiple course packages
  • Editable confirmation emails for each class and package
  • Add booking feature and/or system on any page or new page within website
  • Enables easy management of bookings and classes, i.e. if student unable to attend it is easy to update to another class, payment report shows status, i.e paid, how they paid, and class details
  • Trainers access class report showing number of students, names, and other relevant information
  • Reports can be modified to suit your system requirements.
  • Easy to create and track Promotion Codes
  • Multi-payment options, i.e. PayPal set up free, other gateways $209.00 + plus your third party costs.
  • Create and edit unlimited acknowledgement emails
  • Newsletter system keeps you in contact with potential new students

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Fraud Prevention and Protection

NOW Technology Systems Pty Ltd is serious about protecting your online presence against hackers. The bigger your database the more dangerous exposure to hackers becomes.

Hackers use instrusion software to steel your sensitive data, with up to 70% of websites recognised by security specialists as vulnerable to attack.

There is a huge market for sensitive information gained from shopping carts, back-end databases, forms, login pages, and dynamic web content, enabling hackers to carry out illegal activities using compromised data from your website.

Firewalls, SSl, and Locked-down-servers cannot prevent serious hackers from getting their hands on your sensitive data. Hackers use web application attacks to crawl your website for hidden backdoor access buried deep inside applications, scripts, and programs associated with your systems.

As an optional service we use expensive Acunetix security software to crawl and audit your website to identify intrusion doorways, such as SQL injection, Cross-site Scripting, and many other vulnerabilities.

We then fix the issues and re-run the audit report to ensure issues are fixed and to provide you with peace of mind.

NOTE: Our service and fix option is only available to our website clients, however we do provide Audits and fix recommendation reports for non-client organisations, who can then pass the reports and recommendations to their web developer for fixing.

If you are a designer or developer working on an organisations website, such as a Government website, we can provide  reports showing vulnerabilities and protection undertaken in order to meet government and corporate compliancy needs.

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