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Shopping Cart Order confirmation email issues

Payment Gateways vary in respect to the way they communicate payment information to their clients.

Many online payment gateways, particularly those provided by major banks, do not provide an IPN as part of their online payment service.

When a customer clicks the SUBMIT button to process their order they are taken to the bank’s website secure payment gateway to fill in their credit card details. The bank then confirms payment to the customer and advises you a payment has been received, but you do not receive order details in the confirmation email.

That’s ok, but in order in order to trigger the auto payment confirmation within the eCommerce system, and thus complete the order process within your system, the customer must click back to your website.

Unfortunately customers often close their system without returning to your website. The order process is incomplete and no confirmation email is received within the system.

There are two options to fix this problem:

  1. When you receive notification of payment from the bank gateway, log into AMIN and open Sales. This will give you full details of each order processed (this should be part of your daily admin routine anyway).

You can then process the order as usual.

  1. If you are using eCommerce system, we can fix this problem. Contact us for assistance in setting up the system to automatically complete the order within your eCommerce system irrespective of the payment gateway being used.

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