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Is your eCommerce website giving visitors the right message?

Your eCommerce website design must give visitors the information they want about your products, your organisation, and your capabilities to deliver …. and you need to give it to them quickly, in a concise, easy to follow manner!

One of the traps many website owners fall into is thinking they have to make a BIG IMPRESSION on visitors using extreme or fancy design, over use of video, music, and moving objects on the screen. Keep your website simple and only use features such as video if it enhances the viewers experience and knowledge of your products.

If you visit successful online websites, such as Amazon, etc., they focus on product, product features, user benefits, and product reviews.

Visitors are not necessarily looking for the cheapest price – they want reliability of supply, quality products and options, and they need to feel they can trust you.

You can built trust with your viewers through providing relevant contact information on your website, i.e. legal name of company, street address, telephone numbers, names and photos of key people in your organisation, photos of your shop, real testimonials from customers, and by ensuring your website looks professional.

You can build on that trust through regular email contact with your visitors and customers. Build your mailing list and send out regular Email Newsletters with useful tips and advise.

Offer incentives in your email newsletter, such as tips, extra product information, product reviews, vouchers, and a special offer. You will be surprised at the difference it will make to your open and read rates, and saleconversion ratio.

Use Social Marketing to build your reputation and contact list and spread the word about your business.

Contact for information on how you can find good subject lines for your email newsletters and how to keep your business ahead of the competition.


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