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How to create a slide show on my eCommerce website

  1. Get the slide Photos ready on computer (e.g. photos should be 1000px wide with proportial height) Your photo editing software automatically proportions the second dimension with the entered domension.
  2. Login to admin and  select Dynamic Slide Show, then click "Add Slide Show"
    Add a slide show
  3. Enter a Title for Slide Show (e.g. Homepage Slide show)
  4. After you create your slide show, click the slide show photos to upload a photo one at a time to the slide show series.

    Slide Show

    NOTE: To apply a time expiry date to the slide show i.e. Special Limited Time Promotion enter the start and end date for the promotion. If left open, the slide show will run until deleted.

    Expiry dates
  5. After upload all the slide, next step is to embed to the web page (e.g. Homepage)
  6. Click ‘Page List’ and ‘Home
    Embed slide show to a webpage
  7. Click the SLIDE and select the correct slide show from the SLIDE drop down
    Select a slide
  8. SAVE and Preview the page

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