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Setting up your email accounts in OUTLOOK Express


Open Outlook Express.

  1. In the menu bar, go to the Tools drop-down menu and selectAccounts.


  2. The following window pops up - click Add and select Mail in the side box that pops up.

    Internet Account

  3. The Wizard page opens. Enter account/your name in the field and click Next to proceed.
    Note: account name will appear when you send out emails.

    Connection Wizard

  4. Click Next and the following window appears. Enter your Email Address.
    Click Next to proceed.

    enter email address

  5. In the form that shows:
    - In my incoming mail server, choose POP3;
    - enter the Mail Server Name for both Incoming Mail andOutgoing Mail;
    Note: Mail Server Name should be: mail.companyURL for both incoming and outgoing mail.
    - click Next to proceed.

Email Server Name

  1. On the next page that appears:
    - make sure to enter full email address in the Account Name field for the account you are setting up.
    - enter mailbox password in the Password field (check with us for your password);
    - check the Remember Password box to avoid entering it every time you check or send email;
    - click Next to proceed. 

    NOTE: Some local ISP's block the email port and only enable their own email server to send email out. Generally we have found this to be the case with Bigpond and Optus in Australia, but there could be other ISP's with this policy.

    Once you have set up your email account, if can not send out an email, then the above policy is probably the cause. You should check with your ISP and ask them for the correct SMTP address.

    Generally Bigpond is:  or and Optus is

    ISP Outgoing Mail Server
    AAPT :
    Bigpond :
    Blink Internet :
    Dodo :
    iiNet :
    Optusnet :
    Ozemail :
    People Telecom : (NSW)
    Three (3G Mobile) :
    TPG :
    Unwired : **
    Virgin Mobile 3G
    Vodafone 3G
    Internet Mail Logon
  2. On the page that shows, click Finish to save settings and get back to the list of email accounts

    Setup finish

    PART 2

    Now you have set up your email account, you will need to set up the outgoing email authentication.

    To do this select Tools in the drop-down menu bar at the top of your screen and select Accounts, then select the account you just set up:

Select email account

Select the Properties button on the right and then select the Serversltab.

TICK box "My server requires authentication" IF your SMTP address is mail.yourdomain

If your SMTP address is NOT mail.yourdomain, i.e. if it is, or, etc, THEN the box must be UNTICKED.

enter email

NOTE: If you use Bigpond or Optus and have changed the SMTP to their server , then leave "My server requires authentication UN-TICKED"

Click Apply and OK to save settings.

Click TEST to ensure the account has been setup correctly