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Remote Access to eMail when out of office

Retrieving Mail directly from the Mail Server from Remote Location

To access your email accounts when travelling or away from your office or if you are having problems with your local service provider, follow these procedures:

>Open Internet Explorer or other browser

>Enter http://mail.yourURL  

For example, http://mail.yourDomain website URL | Do not use www.

The following screen will open:

>Select SQuirrelMail - mail client


>Enter NAME (the email address you want to check)

>Enter Password (You need to know what the password is for your Outlook account)

If you do not know your password for your email account, you will need to contact

or phone 61-7 5547-8216

>Ignore Timezone (No entry required)




Select INBOX and read your mail.

To SEND email click on CREATE EMAIL in the top menu bar.