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Nine tips to attract more online business

Is your EGO more important to you than CASH in Your Pocket? 

Nine tips you can use to attract customers and cash to your website.

If you have an existing site, or if you are just getting your business onto the web, here are some simple steps you should take to ensure you have a successful e-Commerce website.

Tip 1: 

Don't add too much Flash or Sound to your website. Little is best and too much will drive visitors to a hastry retreat - straight into the arms of your competitor!

Moving icons, flying pigs, ding-dongs, and music drive most people crazy when they are browsing your website.
You will not only loose visitors, but the search engines can't read graphics or Flash and therefore your ratings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and all the other major engines will suffer as well .
It's your choice, but for me cash is more important than ego any day. 

Tip 2:

Get your content right. When a prospective customer goes to your website they are expecting to find expert information and useful content that will help them make a buying decision.

Think of it this way, if you ring up a business or walk into a shop to buy something, you expect the salesperson to know what they are talking about and to give you helpful information.
If the salesperson doesn’t know their product and can’t give you helpful advice, you are probably going to walk out and check the competition.
Did you know 80% of people surveyed use the web on a regular basis for comparative shopping, or to gather information that will help them make a buying decision. They do this prior to ordering online or visiting a bricks and mortar shop.
If your site doesn't give them the information they need, they go to your competitor's website - its as simple as that.
When you design your site forget the hype, instead be information generous.
With an editable website you can upload new information and create informative web pages without any programming knowledge. This is extremely important if you want to get your site into the top listing on the major search engines, and it's even more important if you want to be seen as an expert in your field. 
But remember, when writing content use short sentences and short paragraphs to keep your content scannable. Most web users scan copy – they don’t read it.

Tip 3:

Make sure your site loads quickly – within 3-4 seconds, 10 seconds tops - longer and you will lose 10% of your visitors for every second it goes over acceptable standards - and 10% unique visitors lost can mean the difference between highly profitable or mediocre profits for many online businesses.

Tip 4:

Spell-check your content scripts and make sure your grammar is correct. You won’t get any brownie points for mis-spelled words or bad sentence structure. In order to build trust with your audience you need to look and act professional at all times.

Tip 5:

Stay away from virtual hosting. The cost of quality hosting and professional support is nothing compared to the cost of your site going down or having broken links and not knowing about it.

Just about as bad, is having to pay $80 - $120 per hour for technical support to fix broken links and other problems because your host does not have the  skills to provide in-house technical back up of your website, and believe me the best of websites get glitches from time to time.

Tip 6:

Optimise, test, and tweek your landing pages for the search engines, and add quality out-going and in-coming links to your website. It will pay off in a big way, particularly if you use professional real-time web tracking to analyse your marketing activity. which is much more accurate than using standard web logs.

Tip 7:

Keep adding informational content to your site. New content keeps your site fresh and interesting for people who re-visit…and a big bonus is it stimulates the search engine spiders. When they see fresh content on your website they automatically make a note to return soon and spider the site again. They absolutely crave new informational content.

Tip 8:

Don't make you website an online brochure – viewers get annoyed by online brochures, they may be interesting in print, but they are often boring online and seen as a backward step by your visitors.

Tip 9:

Gather names and email addresses automatically from your website. Focus on building a list of opt-in names of people interested in your products or services, and keep in regular contact with everyone on your list. It will pay HUGE DIVIDENDS in the medium to longer term.