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How using Autoresponders can slash your advertising budget

Are you over spending on advertising and not getting a profitable return?

If your media advertising results are anything like mine, you are spending more and getting less for every dollar you spend.

Print advertising can be aligned to throwing money into a bucket with a big hole in it…the hole keeps getting bigger and the conversions smaller - yet come the 1st of July each year I guarantee you will get another rate increase from the publisher!

Here is a simple way to increase your response rate and lock in valuable prospects and contacts:

Add an autoresponder address to every ad you place!

Instead of replying to a normal email address, or through snail mail, the reader simply sends a blank email to your autoresponder address.

The autoresponder replies to readers enquiries instantly in real time.

The prospect gets an immediate response no matter what time of the day or day of the week – 365 days of the year!

The response can include a copy of your brochure, price list, FAQ sheet, your whole catalogue, a special offer, or take them directly to your website and shopping cart.

And their email address is automatically captured in your database to be followed up at a later date.

It really is the perfect system – they get an immediate response while they’re HOT, and you get their email address for later use.

The best part is the cost is virtually ZERO, $0.00, zilch, but the results are incredible – you could easily improve your response rate by 50%, with a corresponding increase in sales.  

Why is it people respond up to 50% more often to an autoresponder than to a URL or 1300 number?

Because it is perceived as being easier!

They don’t have to open their browser, wait for your site to load, scour your website to get information, and then still go through the process of making an inquiry.

Using an autoresponder they get the information they want quickly, and they get it without too much involvement...

…AND, contrary to what most think, 95% of people don’t mind the fact you get their return email address for later use.

Once they are in your system you can follow up personally at a later date, or their email address can be added automatically to an autoresponder campaign that sends personalised follow up emails at what ever interval you set.

For example, you could set the system up so they get a follow up email 10 days after the first response, then 30 days later, then 60 days later, etc.

Keep in mind research has shown that 68% of your prospects will take their time making a decision, often reviewing and researching additional information several times before re-acting to your offer.

That’s what makes using autoresponders so effective and profitable to your business.

Once set up, it is in auto-drive and you can forget it, with the satisfaction of knowing that 68% (the Middle Majority) of your prospects are getting all the information and contact they need to make their buying decision.

For more information on how you can build a profitable online business through automated online catalogues, autoresponders, newsletters and promotional email, contact Mike Greenfield, Marketing Director, specialists in designing and developing eCommerce websites for small business.

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