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How online catalogues and e-commerce systems can change the dynamics of your business

Get your business ONLINE "NOW" with our user friendly low cost eCommerce systems!

When choosing a web developer you are making a big decision that can affect your business far into the future.

You should work with a team that will give you support and provide you with the tools to build your web presence and keep it fresh and active – a team that can identify with both you and your customer’s needs. 

How many times have you visited a website that takes ages to load, is just plain boring, or makes it so difficult to find what you want that you give up in frustration? 

Bad sites are designed by people who do not understand business; who are not “walking with the customer”, and do not appreciate what marketing is all about. 

With over 35 year’s corporate experience in consumer marketing, and with degrees in IT Programming, Web Development, and Database Development, our team has the skills and experience to create user-friendly eCommerce websites customised to your needs. 

With “NOW” Systems you get an interactive website working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and your customers will love it! 

Ask Ty Bramley at 

Ty is one of the largest balloon printers in Australia.

We designed Ty’s site from scratch and now his customers compare the type and colour of balloons online and match their choice with the exact PMS print colour for their logo and message. 

Customers can not only select and match balloon and print colours instantly; they upload artwork and obtain quick quotes online. 

Customers appreciate the ease with which they can select colours and place orders online and as a result Specialty Balloon’s out of town and interstate business is growing rapidly.

Our systems let you change the pages in your site as often as you want without any programming knowledge whatsoever. 

“NOW” Online Catalogue System, for example, is a fully interactive catalogue system that we customise to suit your business.

We can incorporate our systems into a total new website for you, or clip them onto your existing site.

You can easily upload pictures, descriptions and prices, change and refresh pages, and add new images and announcements.

Think of your HOME page as your store front. In a bricks and mortar store you have display windows at the front of your shop, which you change on a regular basis with the seasons, for special occasions, or to introduce new products.

NOW Catalogue System incorporates the same marketing psychology.

You use display windows on your home page to entice customers into your online shop.

You can easily change the displays anytime you want. With a few clicks of a button your home page will be kept fresh and interesting to visitors and the search engines - they love fresh content!

Your catalogue pages are easy to update too. You can easily enter and change descriptions and any number of variables, such as weight, count, price, colour, sizes, etc.

Quickly add new items, increase your range, promote specific items, and upload pictures into your system. It’s so easy it is actually FUN!

It does not matter how big or small your business is, our systems will grow with you and expand automatically to fit your needs. 

PaperConnectionIna Mollee at The Paper Connection carries over a thousand lines of products.

In fact The Paper Connection is the largest retailer of specialised paper products in Queensland. They appreciate the ease and speed with which they can add products and upload pictures to their NOW Online Catalogue System. 

“NOW Newsletter and Email Contact System” and “NOW Autoresponder”, were developed so you can keep in touch with your prospects and customers through promotional HTML emails, newsletters and online brochures. 

Everyone likes to do business with people they know and trust. 

The best way to build that trust is to keep in contact and provide helpful information. 

You should be capturing prospects email addresses and following up enquiries on a regular basis. If not, you're letting valuable dollars in lost sales slip through your fingers every day.  

You can do business with your customers whenever you want with our easy to use, automated contact management and newsletter system. 

No more waiting for customers to come to you! 

Create articles using any word processor, such as Microsoft Word, and simply copy and paste into the system’s HTML editor window. You can then edit your articles, add highlights, pictures, images, special fonts, and graphics – all without any knowledge of HTML programming.  

In fact your email campaigns can be personalised, increasing response rates by 100%, 300%, and even more if you use it cleverly. 

When you have created a page or article in the system, you can then send it to everyone in your database or to targeted groups of names. 

Think how this could increase you cashflow for very little cost. 

No matter what business you are in, NOW Newsletter and Email Contact System can boost your sales to incredible levels.  

AND HERE IS A BONUS – create web pages, announcements, articles, newsletters, or brochures right in the system and add them to your site at the click of a button – it really is that EASY!  

INTERACTIVITY is the key to building a web presence! 

The more often you interact with your customers, the more business you will do with them. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. 

David and Matthew at were quick to see the advantages of using our systems to promote their Barista classes online and sell their range of products, books, CDs, and videos. 

In fact within two weeks of their site going online they asked us to develop a USA site for them, and that is now being followed with Spanish and Cantonese language sites.  

A big advantage for them is they can write an article and post it to their site at the click of a button – no HTML or programming knowledge required. And their customers can book classes online and buy and pay for products and services in real time using our user friendly shopping cart. 

We have happy clients in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and New Zealand. 

At SiteDesignNOW, we are proud of the fact we can communicate and work with clients anywhere, in all types of businesses, to create eCommerce sites that really work.  

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Remember: “If your business is not online you are losing business to your competitor” 

“Customers expect to find your business on the Internet” 

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