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Does My Local Business Need a Website?

How many months has it been since you went looking for information in the Yellow Pages? How many hours has it been since you used your favourite search engine?

I think you just answered the question about whether or not your local business needs a website.

Without a doubt, websites are the most overlooked vehicle of advertising for small, owner-operated businesses. Every retailer needs one. Every dentist, lawyer, accountant, and retailer needs one. Every café, restaurant, coffee shop and nightclub needs one. Every wholesale supply company needs one.

I'm not suggesting that all these need to accept online orders and actually transact business online. I'm just saying that everyone listed in yesterday's yellow pages needs to be available on today's internet. It's where your customers expect to find you.

Properly constructed, a website allows your prospects to gather information from the privacy of their computer monitors. What are the questions you are asked every day by your customers? And what exactly do you say to customers when you're speaking to them face-to-face? This is exactly the information that needs to be available on your website.

Think of your website as a relationship deepener, a half-step between your advertising and your front door.

Do you suppose it's easier:
(1) to convince customers to visit your website, or
(2) to convince them to get in their car, drive to your store, park the car and walk in your door?

And think about this: Internet is heaven-on-earth for the 49 percent of our population that are introverted.

Introverts prefer to gather information anonymously, they are unlikely to dial your telephone number except as a last resort.

Even more unlikely is that an introvert will choose to walk into your store and engage in a conversation with a chatty salesperson.
But don't think introverts are shy. They simply like to gather the facts before putting themselves into a position where they are likely to be asked to answer questions.
Forty-nine percent of your customers prefer to know what they're coming to buy before they walk in your door.
And even the extraverted, chatty 51 percent will appreciate an informative website that functions as an expert salesperson during the hours you're not open for business.

Don't think for a moment that your customers aren't already online.

Every time a client tells me their customers are too old or too traditional to be online, I immediately gather a crowd of them and ask, "How many of you have used a search engine in the past 7 days to research a product or service you were considering?" I raise my own hand.

The hands raised in echo are never less than 85 percent of the crowd.

If your business is not on the net - isn't it time it was?
With the Christmas trading season getting into full swing you still have time to get a site up and making money for you.
But time is running out and you need to make a decision NOW.
Get the benefits of an interactive website over the holidays - and then enjoy the on-going benefits throughout the rest of the year.
You will not only increase your sales, but you will get closer to your customers - because with a website created by SiteDesignNOW, you will have the latest technology, enabling you to easily edit your site and to interact with your customers through newsletters, HTML announcements, email campaigns, and online brochures.
You will also be able to create information articles and automatically upload them to your website. Let us show you how.
So for a Merry, Profitable Christmas season contact us NOW and lets get started on your site.
AND as a Christmas present for you, SiteDesignNOW is offering eight months interest free payment terms - you have eight months to pay off your new online business.
You must ring now if you want to be up and running for the Christmas season.
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