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Creating a new email account in OUTLOOK

(to remove an account scroll to bottom of this tutorial)


  1. Click the Tools menu and select E-mail Accounts to begin the configuration process.

    Outlook tools menu
  2. Select> Add a new e-mail account> then select NEXT

  3. Select> POP3  from the list of server types > then NEXT 
  4. On the E-mail Accounts screen, enter your account name in the "Your Name" box. This should be your name or department, etc, i.e. David Brown or Sales or whatever designation you choose.

    Outlook POP3 email setting - from SiteDesignNOW web design Brisbane

    In the "E-mail Address" box enter the email address you are setting up, i.e. (this is not case sensitive)

    Enter Incoming and Outgoing mail server (POP3) and (SMTP) as:mail.your domain name. For example for “” you would enter:

    Enter your full email address as User Name and enter your Password as provided by your webhost or web administrator.

    Tick Remember password box

    Click the More Settings button in order to bring up a new window and then click on the "Outgoing Server" tab.

    Make sure that "My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication” is checked
    NOTE: the above applies when your SMTP address is (or .com) See comments below.
    If your SMTP address is or, etc, then the box must be UNTICKED.

  5. Select "Use the same settings as the incoming mail server" radio button

  6. Click OK to FINISH

    NOTE: Some local ISP's block the email port and only enable their own email server to send email out. Generally we have found this to be the case with Bigpond and Optus in Australia, but there could be other ISP's with this policy.

    Once you have set up your email account, if can not send out an email, then the above policy is probably the cause. You should check with your ISP and ask them for the correct SMTP address.

    Generally Bigpond is: and Optus, but they do use other SMTP addresses.

    ALSO NOTE: If you do change the SMTP address to your local ISP SMTP address, then you will need to uncheck "My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication”

    ISP Outgoing Mail Server
    AAPT :
    Bigpond :
    Blink Internet :
    Dodo :
    iiNet :
    Optusnet :
    Ozemail :
    People Telecom : (NSW)
    Three (3G Mobile) :
    TPG :
    Unwired : **
    Virgin Mobile 3G
    Vodafone 3G

    If you are a client and you have an difficulty setting up your Outlook account please ring or email us for additional support.

    Note: To remove an existing email, select "View or change existing e-mail accounts" and select  "Remove"